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      Talent Strategy

      The company was founded in June 1998 after the joint-stock system reform, specializing in the design, development, production and manufacture of oil and gas drilling and production equipment, wellhead well control device series products, as well as parts manufacturing and marketing of specialized companies.

      The company has a long-term professional and technical team engaged in oil and gas wellhead equipment, drilling and production equipment research and development, manufacturing, and has a number of independent brands of products. Our company belongs to the key supporting enterprises of Deyang District Government. We warmly welcome people of insight with petroleum-related professional technology to join our team.

      At present, our company is in the high-speed development stage. In order to ensure the company's follow-up development and absorb more potential talents, the company is now recruiting relevant professional management and technical reserve talents for the society. Once the winners are admitted, the company will provide them with competitive treatment and broad space for development.
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